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Iceland Trip 2018  

On March 14th - 17th 2018, a group of SCHS  Year 10 pupils and members of staff are travelling to Iceland to explore the physical and human geography of the island. They will be exploring characteristics of cold environments, rivers, coasts and tectonics as well as exploring energy sources - topics which are part of their GCSE exam. They are also hoping to get the chance to view the northern lights - weather dependent! Updates and photographs along their journey will appear below. 

Saturday 17th March


We woke up very tired today after our Northern Lights excursion tour. Luckily we did see them, although they were partially hidden by clouds so they were a little mysterious.

Our final day has been an exploration of mountains, lakes, geothermal vents, rough seas and stunning scenery! It seemed as though every 10 minutes we stopped the coach to have a look at some more Geographical wonders.

Before we left Reykjavík, we found time for another swim in the geothermal pool. We then crossed lava fields and ascended into a stunning mountain pass which resembled something from Lord of the Rings. The path wound by the lake, and although the weather closed in and visibility was poor, it only added to the atmosphere. In this valley, we took a tour of geothermal vents, which let of masses of steam and boiled the water resting in puddles on the surface. A huge lunch of 45 pizzas later, and we set off to see the storm waves crashing against he coast. We sought out the meeting point of the Eurasian and North American plates, and had running races across the black ash. The whole day was superb.

It has been a great joy taking away such fantastic pupils and we have enjoyed every second. The pupils have excelled themselves and we’ve received lovely comments about their conduct. Well done to all involved and to Mr Giannino, Mrs Preston and Mrs Riley for all their hard work.



South Charnwood would like to say a big shout-out to Miss Forster who put in a huge effort both in organising the trip and keeping everyone in order while they were there. What a star!

Friday 16th March


We’ve had another fantastic day in Iceland! We crossed beautiful countryside as we travelled along the south coast, with snow capped mountains highlighted by the sun beaming through the clouds. We saw Seljalandsfoss waterfall before travelling to the famous black sand beaches of Vik. In the distance were sea stacks and arches and the waves were the biggest we’ve ever seen. It was very atmospheric.


The sun came out as we approached Skògarfoss and the view was magnificent. A rainbow arched over the top and we could even see the end of the rainbow. Some of us walked underneath whilst others scaled hundreds of steps to reach the top. On the way home, we came across a field of ponies. They were so tame and very happy for us to stroke them. The site was breathtaking. A fantastic dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Tonight we are off to search for those elusive Northern Lights. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Thursday 15th March


With the scent of waffles wafting up the stairs, our pupils were up bright and early ready for an exciting day ahead. First stop was the Secret Lagoon - a geothermally heated outdoor pool surrounded by active ‘little’ geysers. We splashed about for an hour and then headed to lunch near Gulfoss waterfall, which consisted of lamb soup (surprisingly good). We then walked down the steps to behold the marvel of Gulfoss waterfall with some excellent photo opportunities. The ‘great’ geyser was next on the list. Miss Forster felt like an excellent geography teacher when one of her students asked her, ‘What happens to this at night?’ She then had to explain to her that there was a man in a shed with an on off button.


Our resident photographer Hana managed to take a bath standing up when a particular large eruption soaked her from head to toe. Luckily the camera survived! We then saw the meeting point of the North American and Eurasian plate boundaries, and as we walked through the National Park, we had a lovely view of the Rift Valley and lake. It’s been another fantastic day here in Iceland...we’re up early tomorrow morning for our trip to the coast.


Wednesday 14th March.


Hello from all of us in Iceland!


It’s been a long day of travelling, smoked lamb and egg sandwiches, outdoor swimming and walking the streets of Reykjavík. Our pupils have finally conceded to the fact that functionality comes before fashion for Geographers and waterproof trousers are key items for every trip away!


It has been a wonderful day; pupils loved their swim this afternoon in the geothermal pool and dinner out at the Hamburger Factory went down very well. We celebrated Noah’s birthday with a celebratory piece of cake at the restaurant and a sing song. We felt the chill of the Icelandic wind and promise that those trusted waterproof trousers will be on as we take to the road on our first road trip towards the magnificent Gulfoss waterfall. We can’t wait!