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The school has many policies, copies of which are kept in school.  If you wish to see a full list of our policies, please Click here. Those which are of most interest to parents are highlighted in blue and can be clicked to read the full document. If you wish to see any of our other policies, please contact the school office. 



South Charnwood High School is aware of the requirements of the 2010 Single Equality Act and complies fully with the Equality Duty to ensure that school policies and practice do not discriminate, directly or indirectly, against adults or pupils in the school and that the school is accessible to all. Equality issues are dealt with in the following policies: Race Equality; Disability Equality Scheme; Accessibility Plan; Gender Equality Scheme and Inclusive Education.


Additional Information

You may obtain, on request from the school, access to several documents giving management and curriculum information. These documents include, OFSTED's report on the school, schemes of work in use and DfE statutory orders. Copies can be made of certain documents and others may be read only in school. Reasonable notice for access would be appreciated.