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SCHS: Year 11 exam release arrangements 2018

Our Year 11 GCSE exams begin on Monday 14th May 2018 and end on Tuesday 19th June 2018 (see document below).

Pupils have been issued with their own individual timetable of exams now that final entries have been confirmed. Pupils themselves are responsible for attending all of their scheduled exams at the correct time in the correct room. Start times will usually be 9.00am for a morning exam however afternoon exam start times vary. Pupils with access arrangements may have different start and finish times to other pupils sitting the same exam, if end times are after 3.15pm alternative arrangements to travel home will need to be made by parents as school buses cannot be held.


All Year 11 pupils should attend school as normal until Friday 15th June, 2018 taking their exams as scheduled. There is NO study leave. Any absence up to this point will be unauthorised.


Up to Friday 15th June, pupils must attend every lesson as normal unless they are in an exam. If an exam has already been taken in a particular subject, pupils must still attend those lessons with their normal teacher and treat them as supervised independent study/revision sessions for their remaining exams.


On Friday, 15th June, all Year 11 pupils have a Physics exam in the morning. Pupils may leave school, if they choose, straight after this exam, alternatively, the Dining Hall will be open for Year 11 refreshments after the exam has finished.

As there are still 2 exams left, (Dance and Graphics) following the Physics exam, all Year 11 students will need to do one of the following:

  1.  for students who have finished their exams - leave the premises before 12.55 when the rest of the school has registration
  2.  for students who have a Graphics exam on the 19th - go to tutor time and then Graphics where an extended 2 hour revision session will be provided
  3.  for students who have a Dance exam on the 19th OR students who need to wait to catch the bus home - go to tutor time and normal lessons where you can use the time to revise for Dance.


Monday 18th June, (with only Graphics and Dance exams remaining) Year 11 pupils will NOT be required to attend school as there are no exams today. If they choose to attend, the library is available all day should they wish to stay in school.


Tuesday 19th June, (Graphics and Dance exam day) Year 11 pupils will NOT be required to attend school unless they have an exam but the library is available all day should they wish to stay in school/make use of school resources.


During these 2 days, pupils who come to school for exams and decide to come in late or go home early must make their own provision for safe transport to and from school. On these occasions, pupils must sign themselves in/out at main reception to comply with health and safety fire regulations. It is strongly recommended that pupils check their individual timetables and times of exams and preferably arrive at school no later than 12.00 for an afternoon exam.


Additional Arrangements:


In order to make the school as quiet as possible for afternoon exams, the whole school day will be adjusted for the period of the exams: Monday 14th May 2018 and end on Tuesday 19th June inclusive.


Lunch              12.00-12.55

Tutor time      12.55-13.15

Lesson 4          13.15-14.15

Lesson 5          14.15-15.15


If you have any questions around exams, please get in touch. We wish your son/daughter every success this summer.


GCSE Results Day

Please remember that your results are very confidential pieces of data and must be treated by the school with the utmost care.  Therefore, the preferred method of collection is in person on the day of the results.

GCSE Results Day ~ Thursday 23rd August 2018, 10am - 12noon


Alternative arrangements are only available in those instances when there is a legitimate reason why you cannot collect your results personally. If this is the case, please complete the “Alternative Collection Form”, as soon as possible.


Without advance notice, of at least 5 days, your results will not be available to you other than by you collecting them yourself.


The school would always recommend that you come to school to collect your results and to only use the alternative method if there was no other option.  Remember, teachers and Prospects will be available on the day to answer any questions about remarks and appeals should this be necessary.

Please click on the posters below for an expanded view

The following information and guidelines are for all students sitting GCSE exams. Please click each link and read the documents carefully.