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First impressions are important and at South Charnwood we encourage pupils to take pride in their appearance and to show a readiness for work at all times. Pupils should come to school cleanly and smartly dressed. Discussion with parents, pupils and governors has led to the adoption of a practical and attractive style of school wear. We expect all parents to support this. 

Years 7, 8 & 9

  • Plain black, crew neck sweatshirt with the school logo, (cardigans, plain jumpers, waistcoats, tracksuit tops, badges and clothes bearing emblems and slogans are NOT allowed).
  • Plain white shirts/blouses/polo shirts with a collar, must be worn. Sleeves may be either long or short. Skirts/blouses must be tucked into a skirt or trousers. (No t-shirts, vests etc).
  • Black ’A’ line, plain or pleated skirt of appropriate length and suitable for school or full length smart trousers (jeans, combat trousers, track suits, mini skirts, 'tube' skirts, leggings, jeggings or any other extremes of fashion are NOT allowed).
  • Plain black formal shoes only (NO trainers, plimsolls, canvas shoes, open toed sandals, flip flops etc). Shoes with heels of more than 3cm are not sensible or safe for school. Boots for wet weather only, should be black and waterproof with no accessories, such as tassels or metal studs. Suede or worker boots are not allowed and trousers must not be tucked into the boots.
  • Long tailored shorts or ¾ length trousers in the Summer may be worn. They must be plain black and accompanying socks to be plain black. (NO football shorts, Bermuda’s, combats or clothing usually designated as leisurewear).
  • The school scarf is optional. 

Years 7, 8 & 9 PE Kit - All PE kit must be marked with your child's name and tutor group

  • Green T-Shirt with school logo 
  • Black shorts
  • Green knee length socks 
  • Trainers and football boots
  • Shin pads
  • Boys only - Reversible, heavyweight, green and gold rugby shirt
  • Girls only - Grey sweatshirt with school logo

Years 10 & 11 in addition

  • Black blazer with the school badge instead of the sweatshirt, which can be removed in lessons.
  • White stiff collared formal shirt, which must be tucked in.
  • The school tie must be worn at all times.
  • The school green jumper with the SCHS logo is optional.
  • The school scarf is optional. 

Years 10 & 11 PE Kit - All PE kit must be marked with your child's name and tutor group

  • Black polo shirt, with school logo.
  • Choice of hoodie, fleece or rain jacket with school logo. 
  • Black shorts
  • Plain green or black knee length socks
  • Trainers and football boots
  • Shin pads

Make-up, including nail varnish and jewellery should not be worn in school. If it is noticed by a member of staff the pupil will be asked to remove it and may receive a detention.  Those pupils with pierced ears may wear small sleepers or studs, but these must be removed during P.E. lessons. No necklaces or bracelets, (other than for religious observance).


Governors expect that pupils will conform to this dress code each day and every day. When circumstances make it impossible to conform, parents are asked to write a brief note of explanation for the pupil's form tutor. If the rules on uniform are not followed, a letter will be sent home to parents and the pupil will be issued with a consequence.


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